PriVate Move

Your Custom-Tailored Move

We offer just the move you wanted all along.


At the core is the professional transport of all your belongings in modern trucks with aircushioned and upholstered cargobodys by our professional moving staff.

Furthermore we offer all associated services:

  • furniture assembly (incl. special systems as USM Haller, incl. our own tool sets)
  • hanging of sealing lamps and lighting dystems
  • transportation of (grand) pianos, safes, gun cabinets etc.
  • assembly of kitchens (incl. the cutting of your new cabinet top)
  • installation of temporary no-parking zones incl. optainment of necessary permits
  • deployment of external cargo lifts
  • packing and unpacking / boxing of all your household goods

 All services will be discussed upfront and offered in a clearly structured estimate with guaranteed fixed prices.

Of course we will work with you flexibly, should your new house not be ready in time or you require last minute assistance in packing or other services.


We have a longstanding experience moving people for professional reasons.

We adhere to the german “Bundesumzugskostengesetz” as well as to the regulations and specifications of private and institutional employers, may they be private sector, associations, political parties, broadcasting companies, or NGOs.

We are party to various Service Contacts, domestic and foreign, f.e. the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, German Military, the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University in Bonn and the Ministry of Environment and Nuclear Security.

We will draft up your estimate according to all rules and regulations of the service contract or requirements of any employer. If the employer assumes the costs, we will settle with them directly, if desired.

Together we will plan your move and all the details, so you can surely enjoy all services included in your full service package. This requires dependable and realistic planning of time and personal, so the assembly of your kitchen is surely finished and all boxes are unpacked.

Our consultation will also include a detailed analyses of your insurance situation and the required coverage of various risks. We can offer all necessary insurance through our regular insurance partners.

Office/Company Move

Above all, moving a company move must not cost one thing: time.

Interruption of work must be kept to a minimum. In extensive planning meetings we will analyze the requirements of your business and will consult you in detail.

Together we will work out detailed time  and organization tables.

Of course we will team up with your other service providers, new-furniture suppliers, computer and telephone technicians, light and kitchenplanners.

During the move we will work closely with your relocation officer and department heads. During the whole process our project manager will be at your disposal.

We possess all necessary equipment for your moving needs, such as computer bins, rolling file cabinets (also loackable for sensitive data), elevator protection and special tool sets for various furniture systems.

We can pack your archive and file stock and reestablish them in order according to your instructions.

All of our employees are bound by contract to discretion and reticence – your data and documents are in good hands.

We will move you within your hometown or across borders.


We take good care of your belongings.

We offer storage for a single piece or the entire household, for a brief period or an extended time frame.

You can let us store your files until the retention period is up and then have them disposed – of course according to data protection standards with certificate.

If coded accordingly, we bring back files to your offices, if needed.

Prior to your move you can have your new washer or countertop delivered to our facilities, we will store them and bring them with us on moving day.

We offer storage in steel containers and indoor rooms.

International and Overseas Moving

We have abundant experience in international moving.

The move will be arranged and handled through us and our overseas partners directly and not just handed over to some agency.

We will gladly consult you about the various modes of transportation, sea and airfreight, full and less than container load. We use the full range of options, incl. pre and oncarriages by barge or truck.

Of course we offer all necessary packaging, from cardbord boxes to custom made crates, depending on the destination, in wood with all required certificates.

One of our managing directors has a professional background in the steamship industry and worked abroad for many years.